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Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Library- part 27 in a 435 part series

As many of you know, I have been talking about my school library for quite a while now, mostly complaining about the lack of books, and then asking for money to get more books. Well thanks to the amazing generosity of so many of my friends and family all the money for the books has officially been raised! I really cannot thank all of you enough. 
During my conference in Maputo, I was even able to receive a little less than half the books to bring back to Cookie-Town! It is only half because those were the only books available in Maputo. The rest are being ordered from Brazil, and will take a little longer to get here.  The books came in two boxes and after some fast talking in the Airport, convincing the director to come get me from the city, and convincing the vice principle to give me the new key to the library, everything is finally in place. 

All the books! 

 Each book has a name plate in the front cover

Before the new books:

And after:

You may notice that there are no students actually looking at the books. That is because this is Mozambique, and we need to have a big ceremony before we are allowed to use new things. Don’t ask. 

I can't say this enough: Thanks SO much for all your help!

Love from,

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